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This is not Paradise

LEBANON 2014, 50′
Screenplay: Gaia Vianello, Lisa Tormena
Cinematography: Matteo Lolletti
Editing: Lisa Tormena
Sound: Claudio Rocchetti, Luca Tozzi, Santo Barbaro
Production: Sunset Soc. Coop.

This is not paradise-1b

In Lebanon thousands of migrant domestic workers live in conditions of semi-slavery and with no legal protection, thanks to a custom, the Kafala, that makes these abuses less controllable. Every week, about two of these workers commit suicide. The film tells the stories of those who managed to escape this situation, as well as the accounts of the volunteers working for associations promoting the rights of migrants.

REGISTA Lisa Tormena

Lisa Tormena, 1980, is a journalist and a documentary maker. After graduating in International Relations, she devoted herself to the production of documentaries focusing on social issues. She won the Ilaria Alpi Award in 2009 and the Fedic Award at the Sedicicorto Film Festival in 2010.



REGISTA Gaia Vianello
Gaia Vianello, 1980, works in the field of international cooperation, focusing on gender and migration issues. She has a master’s degree in International Migrations. From 2007 to 2009 she worked in Morocco in the area of socio-economical integration, and made the documentary Aicha è tornata with Lisa Tormena.