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The Spag

AUSTRALIA 1962, 36′
Screenplay: Robert Clarke, Giorgio Mangiamele
Cinematography: Giorgio Mangiamele
Editing: Giorgio Mangiamele
Sound: David Lewis
Production: New Continent
Cast: Matthew Gravinas, Patricia Palmer


The impact of Italian migration after the war is described through the story of a young paperboy. After the death of his father, he befriends a university student who teaches him English. The other kids, however, keep targeting him for ethnic reasons. A touching film, one of the first to be made by a migrant on this issue.

He is one of the most undervalued figures in Australian cinema. He began to make films immediately after his arrival from Italy in 1952, even though film culture was not well established in the country; his first film was Il Contratto (1953). His films have been shown almost exclusively in Australia, except for The Clay (1965), which was screened in Cannes.