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The Show Mas Go On

ITALY 2014, 30’

Screenplay: Rä di Martino, Marcella Libonati
Cinematography: Niccolò Berretta, Filippo Silli
Editing: Enrico Giovannone
Sound: Enrico Ascoli
Production: Rä di Martino, Federica Illuminati, Marcella Libonati co-produced by Think|Cattleya Giovanna Mettifogo & Federica Maria Bianchi for Snaporazverein.


MAS opened at the beginning of the 1900s as the biggest luxury department store in Rome. The big chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are the only thing left of the store’s former grandeur. MAS has become the people’s stores. Thousands square meters welcome an amazingly varied humanity: homeless, drag queens, young Moldavian brides, nuns looking for bras… Documentary footage is intertwined with acted scenes, with the aim of bringing out the spirit, atmosphere and energy of this unique place.

73f32e4bf34bb962705746d7f9eb78a6RÄ DI MARTINO
Rä di Martino (Rome 1975) studied at Chelsea College of Art and the Slade school of Art in London before moving to New York between 2005 and 2010. Her films, installations and photos have been shown in many museums and film festivals. In 2006 the short film La camera with actor Filippo Timi, was funded and acquired for the collection of Macro, the museum of contemporary art in Rome and was also shown at Centre Pompidou and the Locarno Film Festival. Her film August 2008 with actress Maya Sansa was selected by the Rotterdam Film Festival and screened at MCA Chicago and museums in Berlin, Madrid, Rome and Paris.