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Terra di Transito

ITALY/SWEDEN 2014, 54′
Screenplay: Paolo Martino, Valentina Brinis, Valentina Calderone
Cinematography: Andrea De Biasi
Editing: Matteo Cusato
Sound: Gianluca Stazi
Production: A Buon Diritto, Istituto Luce- Cinecittà

Schermata 2014-03-10 alle 14.45.08

Like thousands of others running away from the war, Rahell has embarked on a difficult journey from the Middle East to Europe, with no passport or visas, trying to reach some relatives who have been living in Sweden for years. When he arrives to Italy he discovers that the Dublin Regulation prevents him from achieving his objective, as he is required to reside in the EU country of entrance. The film is produced by the association “A Buon Diritto”, under the patronage of Amnesty International Italy.

Paolo Martino RegistaPAOLO MARTINO
Reporter and documentary maker, he has been living in the Middle East for years. In 2011 he received a European journalism award by following the route of Afghan refugees from Kurdistan to Italy. In 2012 he traveled from the Caucasus to Beirut in search of the places and stories of the Armenian diaspora. In 2013 his documentary Just about My Fingers on the conditions of refugees in Greece received many awards. He is thirty years old.