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Sortino Social Club

ITALY 2011, 55′
Screenplay: Giusy Buccheri
Cinematography: Silvana Costa, Giusy Buccheri
Editing: Andrea Ciacci
Sound: Silvana Costa, Giusy Buccheri
Production: Griò Sinergie Culturali, Suttvuess


Sortino. Since the 1930s, more than 4000 people emigrated from this Italian town, settling all over the world. About half of these travelled to Australia. On 15 February 1954 Vastianina boarded a boat with her daughters Sarina and Maria, to join her husband who had left two years before to seek fortune. She was supposed to stay only a few years, but as many others she never went back to Sicily. Sortino Social Club is the story of the migrants coming from Sortino and of the small community they established on the outskirts of Melbourne.

A writer and director from Sicily, she lives and works in Rome, focusing especially on themes such as identity and migration. In 2014 she made the documentary Il futuro è troppo grande. Sogni, inquietudini, speranze di due giovani di seconda generazione. She researches and develops documentaries with Italian and European production companies. Among her work: the documentary series Ieri oggi domani (2012), the documentaries Il decameron dei migranti (2012), L’acqua (2011) and “Paola Vita” (2006).