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Seguir Viviendo (Go On Living)

MEXICO 2014, 81′
Screenplay: Alejandra Sánchez, Samuel Sosa
Editing: Ana Garcìa
Sound: Tareke Ortìz
Production: Celia Iturriaga, Alejandra Sánchez, Pepe Films
Cast: Nora Huerta, Jade Garcìa


Two children under a death threat run away from Juarez, join a journalist, who has just lost his son in a car accident, to become a new family. During a long journey in a short time, everything will revolve around death, the fragile universe of love and life ́s traps. The movie features the two teenagers who lived this story, accomplishing with their participation a fusion between reality and fiction.

Directora seguir viviendoALEJANDRA SANCHEZ
Alejandra Sánchez was born in 1973 in Chihuahua, México. She studied Communication Science at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM). She also graduated from the University Center for Cinematographic Studies (CUEC-UNAM). Her debut feature length documentary Bajo Juárez, The City Devouring Its Daughters earned several national and international recognitions as Best Documentary. She has worked as a director for several shows on public television. She currently works in the creation and development of audiovisual projects at The Image Research and Production Center (CIPI) for Mexico City’s Autonomous University (UACM).