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Reverie Habituelle

UK 2014, 7′
Screenplay: Mihai Andrei
Cinematography: Mihai Andrei
Editing: Carlos Dittborn
Sound: Enrick Adam
Production: Carlos Dittborn, Alejandra Maturana


Reverie Habituelle 05

Rêverie Habituelle depicts an experience between daily monotony and the daydreaming escape. Through an emotional and kinetic dynamic a woman embarks on a corporeal dialogue between her duties in the academic studies routine and her imagination where she gets immersed in a dimension of feelings and a surreal environment.

Carlos Dittborn was born in Santiago of Chile in 1978. He studied film at ARCIS University. His interest in exploring new forms of artistic expression led him to the world of contemporary dance. He has directed and edited award-winning DanceVideo productions like Metropolis DanceVideo (2007), Hypothermia (2004) and KorpuNater (2010). He has also produced contemporary dance choreographies led by young Chilean choreographers, among which Crona Age, Rationed Lapses and The Last Tale of Brad. Carlos’ latest awarded work includes the dance short film Pristine in Torment (2011), the short film The Second Chance (2013) and the dance videos Tournée Cadenza (2013). He is currently based in London.