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Pflegestufe (Level of Care)

Julia Peters
GERMANY 2014, 20’
Screenplay: Julia Peters
Editing: Jan-Timo Sonnemann
Sound: Holger Wisniewski
Production: Monoloco Films



Ruth cares for her mother Hilde who is suffering from dementia. Both women are broke because the care devours every last cent. Only the approval of the ́”level of care 2″ can still save the two women. But when the case manager from the medical advisory service comes by to evaluate Hilde’s health condition, suddenly the old lady seems not to be sick anymore.

Julia Peters
Julia Peters has been working as a freelance producer and director since 2006. Her short movie Weiß (White) and Pflegestufe (Level of Care) were both awarded by the Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden and have been proposed for the “German Short Movie Award”. In 2012 she founded the production company Monoloco Films, and in 2013 she attended an intensive training course at the “Masterschool Drehbuch” in Berlin and graduated as a scriptwriter for film and TV.