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Passo A Due

ITALY 2012, 49′

Screenplay: Arianna Colliard, Nefeli Sarri
Cinematography: Margherita Pescetti, Teresa Iaropoli, Titta Cosetta Raccagni
Editing: Yuki Bagnardi, Arianna Cocchi
Sound: Roberta d’Angelo
Production: Cristina Marchetti

Passo a due_1

Gloria and Olivia, partners for more than 40 years, live in a flat in Milan’s town centre. The two eighty-year-olds give us access to their everyday life and their intimate moments, and by remembering their story they offer a touching glimpse of a life out of the ordinary.

Margherita-Pescetti-30-anni-Regia_image_ini_625x465_downonlyMARGHERITA PESCETTI
Margherita Pescetti was born in Milan in 1981 and graduated in anthropology in Siena in 2005. In 2006 she attended a film writing course in Rome and in 2008 she completed a master’s degree in documentary filmmaking at Venice’s IED. She is the co-founder of the association Woka productions and is currently working on the documentary Il forte dei Goldburt, shortlisted for the Solinas Award in 2014.