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Nietos (Identidad y memoria)

ARGENTINA 2004, 90′
Screenplay: Benjamìn Avìla
Cinematography: Amanda Calvo, Mailín Milanes, Emiliano López
Sound: Roly Rauwolf, Carlos G. Saracini

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Before his film Infancia clandestina (2011), the director made this documentary, which collects accounts on the hundreds of children and newborns abducted during the military regime in Argentina (1976-1983). The case of Estela Carlotto, historical leader of the “grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo”, who found her grandson after a search that lasted 36 years, highlighted once again this tragedy within the tragedy of the Argentinian dictatorship.

Benjamin Avila was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972. He studied filmmaking and graduated at the University of Buenos Aires. He is a film producer and director, known for works such as Infancia Clandestina (2011), a political and autobiographical film that won many awards.