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Law 52

TUNISIA 2014, 30′
Screenplay: Souheil Bayoudh
Cinematography: Zied Zouaghi
Editing: Salem Abed, Hammadi Lasoued
Sound: Klay BBJ, Danger Mc

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“Law 52″ is an anti-drug law passed by the regime of dictator Ben Ali to repress any kind of dissent against his regime. It subjects cannabis smokers to one to five years imprisonment and fines between 500 and 1500 euros. After the Tunisian revolution of 2011, this law was used to put down women, students, activists. In the documentary and for the first time in an Arabic country different women and men talk about their terrible experience during their arrest.

capture regiserSOUHEIL BEYOUDH
Souheil Bayoudh is a Tunisian film director, famous for his commitment towards human rights and social struggles. Due to his political work, his films have been censored in many Arab countries. His films include Hip Hop Girls, which tells the story of Tunisian girls fighting for emancipation, and Four Years Revolution, showing how different cultures interact during the revolution.