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ITALY 2015, 70′
Screenplay: Alessia Di Giovanni
Cinematography: Alessia Di Giovanni
Editing: Alessia Di Giovanni, Davide Celoria
Sound: Covo delle Bisce
Production: Fondazione CRT


In the town of Lecce, in Southern Italy, sexual harassment at work is the norm. Sex in exchange for employment, but not only that. Harassment is subtle, invasive, almost invisible. And leave scars that tell a story of need, a balance between hardship and dignity. Starting from this situation, Alessia Di Giovanni, journalist, writer and filmmaker, together with the director Ippolito Chiarello, stages with twenty women, some professional actresses and some workers, a show mixing fiction and reality, a private and public confession, at times comical, at times moving.

Alessia Di Giovanni, videomaker, graphic novel writer and scriptwriter. She co-founded the CreativeComics Studio, which works with film and comics since the 1990s. She directed several videos and short films and the feature-length women’s western film A pezzi – Undead Men. She wrote the graphic novel Io so Carmela, nominated best Italian comic at the latest Micheluzzi award, and “Piena di Niente”, a comic book analysis of the female body.