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La Grotta del Bio (The Organic Cave)

Camilla Martini
ITALY 2014, 9’28”
Screenplay: Camilla Martini
Cinematography: Camilla Martini
Editing: Camilla Martini
Sound: Whoosh di Conway Hambone, Faith in Donkeys di C.Filipe Alves
Production: Andrea Festuccia


The wine-making company Torre Rosano has been growing grapes organically for twelve years, using the method of total grass cover with local seeds and compost coming from pruning and grape processing. Innovation combines with the traditional ageing of wine in wood casks kept in natural caves.

Camilla Martini-registaCAMILLA MARTINI
She graduated in Philosophy in 2009 in Venice, and went on to study in Rome, where she attended the journalism school Lelio Basso and Rome’s film school. In 2011 she made an independent documentary filmed in Patagonia and distributed online, Tutta l’acqua del mondo. The documentary La grotta del bio has been filmed in 2014 for Ismea (Istituto di servizi per il mercato agricolo alimentare) and presented at the 2014 Salone del Gusto.