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Il futuro è troppo grande (Future, It’s far too big)

ITALY 2014, 80’
Screenplay: Giusy Buccheri e Michele Citoni
Editing: Andrea Ciacci
Sound: Giusy Buccheri, Michele Citoni e Marco Leopardi
Production: Giusy Buccheri and Michele Citoni, in co-production with Grió Sinergie Culturali and Centro Produzione Audiovisivi Università Roma Tre with the contribution of 254 crowdfunders.

Zhanxing si specchia_new 300

Re was born in Italy in a Filipino family. He lives in Rome with his parents and sister, is engaged, attends university, works, and one day hopes to be accomplished in the arts. Zhanxing was born in China and at the age of ten has reached her parents who had moved to Italy. She is a graduate, lives alone, is looking for a clear definition of herself and will try to find it by traveling towards her own origins. They are young, and are becoming adults imagining a future that coincides with their dreams.

Giusy Buccheri 2GIUSY BUCCHERI
Author and director, she focuses on issues of identity and migration. She researches and develops documentary subjects with Italian and European production companies. She has a degree in Film History and Criticism. She made the documentary Sortino Social Club. Storie di emigranti siciliani in Australia in 2011.


Journalist, videomaker. He was for many years an environmental activist, then a freelance journalist specializing in environmental issues and has participated in research projects on the history of movements for the environment and health. Since 2002 he has been making documentaries and videos on historical and social issues, such as Terre in moto.