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I Live in Melbourne Now (Ora Vivo a Melbourne)

AUSTRALIA 2013, 65′


Africans and Italians who migrated to Australia discuss the sense of belonging to a country, their roots, the contributions of migrations past and present, the welcome they received in Australia, the way in which migrant cultures have influenced the Australian identity. A conversation between the past and the present to promote an intergenerational exchange.

She is a documentary filmmaker and editor specialised in social issues, human rights, migration and development. She has been working for various production companies and NGOs for almost a decade. She edited the feature film La prima neve by Andrea Segre, produced by Jolefilm Srl, with which she made her previous film Io sono Li. Born in Verona in 1979, she graduated in communication design at Milan’s Politecnico and attended the European course for social documentary EsoDOC ‘08. As a member of ZaLab she held video workshops in Italy, Palestine and Australia.