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Human Animals Dance

GERMANY 2014, 29′
Production: Cinetrix



The film treats the aspect of the relationship between animal and human beings. Five dancers and the choreographer Martin Nachbar explore in sensual approaches the possibility of understanding an animal and the boundaries of human movements through dance. Performing on a dance floor — isn’t this similar to the performance of a trained animal, and is art shamanism?

LMangelsdorff©Birgit_HentschelLILO MANGELSDORFF
Lilo Mangelsdorff was born in Frankfurt/Main. She finished her study in visual communication and worked as an editor, producer, author and director. With her own production company (together with Wolfgang Schemmert) she has made several short films and feature films. Her films have been shown in festivals worldwide and won several prizes. Lilo Mangelsdorff also taught at universities in Cologne, Paderborn and Frankfurt.