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Handmade Cinema

ITALIA 2012, 52’
Screenplay: Laura Delli Colli, Guido Torlonia
Editing: Pierpaolo Verga
Production: ENORMOUS FILMS srl

handmade cinema

Turning an actor into a character, sewing a precious dress or an antique pair of shoes as if they were art works, building a set, painting it, “ageing” it and making the stage designer’s sketch a beautiful reconstruction. All this is Handmade Cinema: a 52-minutes long documentary made by Laura Delli Colli with Guido Torlonia, who is also the director, and produced by Luchino Visconti di Modrone for Enormous Films.
Handmade Cinema tells of the great family of Italian cinema who has saved the heritage of its manual skills and of an art which the entire world envies Cinecittà. Thanks to the hands of special artisans whom have passed their skills on, as family secrets, from father to son.

guido-torlonia-66995_0x440GUIDO TORLONIA
Handmade CinemaHandmade Cinema is his first documentary, after having directed many plays and an opera in Kansas. He was born in Rome and has always been keen on cinema and theatre; he studied Cultural Anthropology, but actually formed at the workshop of Milan’s Piccolo Teatro by working as assistant to Giorgio Strehler, at the beginning of the 90’s. In 1995, he directed two shot films for the New York Film Academy, and then returned to theater in Milan, Rome, and Florence, where he was also Event Manager for the Fashion and Cinema Biennale – appointment which gained him numerous relations and collaborations with fashion houses. In 2003, in Paris, he works for the Festival des Italiens and, until 2007, he works as director and assistant to the Artistic Director at the Italian Cultural Institute. He is internationally renowned in particular as master of ceremonies at the Venice International Film Festival first, and at the Rome Film Festival afterwards. In 2007, he writes and directs three theatre plays – a tribute to the great masters: Visconti, Fellini, and Strehler – which were performed in Paris. Rome, Milan, Venice, Moscow. He is also among the curators of the exhibition Audrey Hepburn in Rome, at the Ara Pacis Museum.