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Growing Food Project

Rasha Tayeh
AUSTRALIA 2013, 14’
Screenplay: Rasha Tayeh
Cinematography: Rasha Tayeh
Editing: Tom Chapman, Patrick McCarthy
Sound: Pascal Barbare
Production: Rasha Tayeh


Growing Food Project is a short documentary exploring Melbourne’s local food movement. Inspired by Melbourne’s community food projects and Patrick Jones’ poem, Step by Step – the film highlights stories of people coming together to build local, fair and sustainable food systems. The film was screened internationally at the United Nations Urban Food Forum (Medellin, Colombia) and Birzeit University (West Bank – Palestine).

Rasha Tayeh (b. 1985) is a Palestinian artist based in Melbourne working across various mediums – mainly photography and film. She is also a researcher and public health practitioner interested in the space where art and health intersect, exploring connections with our bodies, communities and ecologies.