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Gorod Solnca (The City of the Sun)

RUSSIA 2014, 27′
Screenplay: Daria Orkhan
Cinematography: Daria Orkhan
Editing: Daria Orkhan
Sound: Andrey Rossi
Production: Daria Orkhan


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The City of the Sun: stories of three completely different people, who are trying to find their place and their mission in this world. Each of them tries to change something in their city and in the world. And each of them has his own way to achieve the dream: music, prominent political actions or scandalous behaviour. They are ready to do everything just to fill the life of people with love and happiness. They are the authentic heroes of our time. St. Petersburg is a fairy-tale city, museum city, dream city… But when the heroes wake up they see the reality. Deserted backyards, hunger, poverty, anger and indifference smash their dream. And it is very painful.

director 1DARIA ORKHAN
Daria Orkhan was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2005 she attended the school of journalism at the City Art Centre. In 2006 she entered the minor faculty of journalism of the St. Petersburg State University, and in 2012 she graduated as TV Director from the St. Petersburg State University of Film & TV (the Screen Arts Faculty). She had practical training on TV-channels: “100TV”, “5th channel”, “St. Petersburg” cable channel.