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CHILE/ITALY 2014, 72′
Screenplay: Marta Vignola, Corrado Punzi
Cinematography: Corrado Punzi
Editing: Mattia Soranzo
Sound: Michele Cuppone
Production: Karta Film, Muud Film


Fresia, a Chilean woman, devoted her life to the search of her husband Omar, an Italian-born man who “disappeared” in Chile in 1973, in the aftermath of General Pinochet’s coup. After a 36-year quest for truth and justice, and a judicial and moral battle that took everything from her, Fresia’s sufferings opened the door to a terrible cancer, as it happened to many victims of other historical tragic events. However, Fresia never gave up and managed to take to a court the military officer who was allegedly responsible for having tortured and killed his husband Omar. The trial against the military officer becomes an existential process revealing the connections between law, justice and life.

Regista Corrado Punzi CORRADO PUNZI
Corrado Punzi was born in Lecce in 1979. He is a PhD researcher and is interested in the connection between power and communication. He wrote and directed several short films and documentaries. In 2004, he organized a series of film workshops at the juvenile detention centre in Lecce, the result of which was the short film I nostri volti. In 2007, he went to Burundi to film a documentary about the ethnic conflict between Hutus and Tutsis (Petit Pays). In the same year, he directed a short film, Dove, i miei occhi , interpreted by Italian actor Giorgio Colangeli. In 2009, he wrote and directed Di chi sei figlio, a documentary about the labour struggles of tabacco female workers in the Salento region. Fresia is his first full-length film.