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Emergency Exit – Young Italians Abroad

ITALY, USA 2014, 66′
Screenplay: Brunella Filì
Cinematography: Brunella Filì, Simone Danieli, Piero Cocozza, Daniele Raspanti
Editing: Enrico Giovannone, Brunella Filì
Sound: Gioacchino Balistreri
Production: Brunella Filì for OffiCinema DOC s.r.l.s., Beth di Santo Productions (United States)


Anna, Mauro, Milena, Camilla, Nicola and all the others have something in common: they left Italy to go abroad and to bet on a better future. A future that, continuing to live in Italy, seems difficult to imagine. An entire generation is bleeding out of the country. Not only the so called “brains”, but also normal young people, divided between a life that offers greater opportunities and a sense of dearth and frustration that all kinds of exile, even voluntary, involve. The film shows what young Italians abroad do, think and dream. The story of a forgotten generation, which still has something to say to its country of origin.

Brunella Filì was born in 1982, in Bari, South of Italy. She graduated in Communication Science and has a Master’s Degree in Cinema Studies at the University of Bologna. She attended workshops on film directing (with G. Tornatore, A. Kiarostami), cinematography and film production and began her career as a director and videomaker, working between Milan and Bari for production companies, TV channels and web TVs. In 2013 she founded the production company Officinema Doc with the support of the Apulia Film Commission, and produced Emergency Exit – The Series (based on the film with the same name) and Corpi di Gloria, awarded as Best Italian Booktrailer in 2014.