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Eco de Femmes

Screenplay: Carlotta Piccinini
Cinematography: Salvatore Lucchese
Editing: Walter Cavatoi
Sound: Carlotta Piccinini
Production: GVC Onlus, EleNfanT FilM

Eco de Femmes_04

Six women, their dreams and fight for emancipation thanks to their work. Zina, Cherifa, Halima, Fatima, Mina and Jamila live in the rural areas of Morocco and Tunisia and are united by a common objective: create farming cooperatives combining women’s ancient agricultural and manufacturing traditions with the development of new products and market strategies.

Regista Carlotta PiccininiCARLOTTA PICCININI
Director and visual artist. Since the beginning of her career she has been experimenting with video art and documentary and developing new stylistic and narrative codes. Her work has been shown in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Belarus and Algeria. Since 2011 she is the vice president of the association EleNfant.