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Devyat dneiy i odno utro (Nine Days One Morning)

RUSSIA 2014, 85′
Screenplay: Anna Kozlova
Cinematography: Mikhail Iskandarov
Editing: Elena Afanasyeva
Sound: Boris Vojt
Production: Vera Storozheva
Cast: Anna Sherbinina, Olga Popova


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Anna is a top model, who was adopted by a French couple as a child. She returns to her hometown with a charity mission from France. When she arrives to Russia she is treated like a queen, and everyone expects miracles from her. Anna does not understand: her home now is France, in Russia she is a guest. Her photographer boyfriend Michel is with her, but she is also drawn to Lubov, who was raised in the orphanage with her.

Vera Storozheva was born in Troitsk, in the Chilyabinsk region. In 1983 she graduated from Moscow state university, and in 1993 she attended Higher Courses in Scriptwriting and Directing. In 1989 she acted in Kira Muratova’s Astenichesij Sindrom – Astenic Syndrom. She directed twelve films, among them the internationally acclaimed Sky Plane Girl, and A Journey with house pets.