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Come il peso dell’acqua

ITALY 2014, 110′
Screenplay: Giuseppe Battiston, Stefano Liberti, Marco Paolini and Andrea Segre
Cinematography: Pasquale Mari, Matteo Calore
Editing: Chiara Russo, Luca Manes
Sound: Piccola Bottega Baltazar
Production: Franco Pannacci, Simona Falcone e Carlo Gavaudan


The main characters in the documentary are Gladys, Nasreen and Semhar, three women from Ghana, Eritrea and Syria respectively, who faced a desperate journey across the desert and the sea and survived, unlike many of the people who travelled with them.

andreasegre(byn)ANDREA SEGRE
After graduating in 2000 in Communications at the University of Bologna, he specialised in Sociology of Communications, a subject that he teaches at the same university. His filmmaking career began at the end of the 1990s, with Berlino 1989-1999: Il muro nella testa (1999) for Italian TV channel Rai. From 2001 he began working with documentary, focusing on the issue of migration. He is the founder of the association ZaLab, with which he develops both production projects and participatory-video workshops.