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USA 2014, 23′
Screenplay: Mozell Miley-Bailey
Cinematography: Evgeny Khoroshukhin
Editing: Evgeny Khoroshukhin
Sound: Evgeny Khoroshukhin
Production: Mozell Miley-Bailey


Dancer #5 in room wide-1

A Dancer makes it into a renowned dance company only to have her chance suddenly taken away while a drummer, who’s been living on the streets, struggles to keep his music alive. Music and motion and the weight of their desires and dreams become exerted by forces unbeknownst and around them that unravel in a New York moment.

Mozell Miley-Bailey portrait by Barbara NitkeMOZELL MILEY-BAILEY
Mozell Miley-Bailey is a New York based filmmaker whose short films, And I On the Opposite Shore and Paris Périphérique have won awards and screened at festivals around the world such as the Harlem International Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, Houston Worldfest, Red Hook Winter Shorts Film Festival, HollyShorts, Cannes Short Film Corner, NewFilmmakers at the Anthology Film Archives and more. A graduate of New York University with a double major in journalism/politics, She’s worked on various television programs as a freelance producer for MPI Media Productions International, MTV, PBS, JP Kids and Cablevision’s Metro Channels.