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Arrivederci Roma

AUSTRALIA 1979, 24′
Screenplay: Geoffrey Wright
Cinematography: Ralph Strasser
Editing: Geoffrey Wright
Production: Richard Zatorski

A swimming lesson in the historical Melbourne City Baths. The main character is an eighteen-year-old who, faced with his first swimming lesson and with a new school, has to fight against the water that surrounds him menacingly and the aggressive behaviour of his schoolmates, who sense his vulnerability. An unusual interpretation, through the eyes of a young man, of issues of inclusion and diversity.

He graduated at the Victorian College of the Arts of Melbourne. After Arrivederci Roma he turned to film critique. In 1989 Lover Boy was presented in Venice during the Critics’ Week. His Australian films Romer Stomper (Skin Heads) with Russell Crowe, and Metal Skin were very successful. Employed on Hollywood for his ability to shoot highly spectacular scenes, he made the horror film Cherry Falls and The Sparrow with Antonio Banderas.