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Ana Arabia

Screenplay: Amos Gitai, Marie-José Sanselme
Cinematography: Giora Bejach Steadycam Nir Bar Scenografia Miguel Merkin
Editing: Isabelle Ingold
Sound: Alex Claud
Production: Hamon Hafakot, Agav Hafakot, Agav Films
Distribution: Italia Boudu e Citrullo International


Filmed in one sequence-shot of 85 minutes, Ana Arabia is a moment in the life of a small community of outcasts, Jews and Arabs, who live together in a forgotten enclave at the “border” between Jaffa and bat Yam, in Israel. One day, Yael, a young journalist, visits them. In these dilapidated shacks, in the orchard filled with lemon trees and surrounded by mass public houses, she discovers a range of characters far removed from the usual clichés offered by the region. In this tinkered and fragile place, there is a possibility of coexistence. A universal metaphor.

Born in Israel in 1950, the son of a Bauhaus architect, he studied architecture before turning to cinema. He has been a film director for forty years, making more than 80 films, shorts, documentaries. In his films he explores the complexity of Middle Eastern society, but also more universal themes, such as in hist latest Tsili (2014), presented at the 71st Venice Film Festival. His most significant films include Ana Arabia (2013), Free Zone (2005), Kippur (200), Kadosh (1999), Berlin-Jerusalem(1989).