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Amori e Metamorfosi (Love and Metamorphoses)

FRANCE/ITALY 2014, 88′
Screenplay: Yanira Yariv
Cinematography: Armel Hostiou, Christophe Clavert
Editing: Beatrice Kordon, Enrica Ordonneau, Sandra Ach, Yanira Yariv
Sound: Giulia Tagliavia
Production: Vanessa Ramonbordes, Acis Productions e Dugong
Cast: Andrea Vergoni, Gabriella Basso Ricci


A few kilometers away from Rome, the sand dunes of Sabaudia, the Circeo marshes and Arpino’s mountain waterfalls become the backdrops to fabulous transformations: Callisto is changed into a bear, Jupiter metamorphoses into Diane, Glaucus becomes a sea monster and the nymph Salamachis melds into the body of the young Hermaphrodite. But each of these transformations also plays on those of their performers, thus giving a new twist to Ovid’s Metamorphoses and questioning the role of gender and identity in our society.

Upon discovering Iranian cinema and Italian Neorealism, where cinema and reality merged to create to a new poetic form, Yanira decided to move from art and painting to embrace and experiment with documentary filmmaking. She followed up her first short films Un Américain à Sainte Anne and En attendant la rivière, tout ce qu’un petit homme peut apprendre with Pérégrinations (filmed in Israel and Rumania), thus approaching the same themes she still pursues today: the idea of frontiers, belonging and identities – be they political, cultural, religious or of gender. She continued her experimentations in Anangnina, set in the outskirts of Rome, before taking an important step towards narrative cinema with Love and Metamorphoses. She’s currently writing a feature film set in Israel and Palestine, featuring all non-actors.