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Ahlem: Sogni

ITALY 2014, 18′
Screenplay: Alessandra Pescetta
Cinematography: Giuseppe Consales
Editing: Alessandra Pescetta
Sound: Johann Sebastian Bach
Production: La Casa dei Santi


Ahlem and Victoria are two teenagers with far distant roots (Tunisia and Poland) who, however, have been growing up in Sicily. “What’s your dream today?” they often ask each other. The Imam of the refugee center, in which Ahlem woks as a volunteer, asks one day to arrange a welcome for a boat of new immigrants who are about to reach Sicily. When everything is ready, as the tension for the waiting rises, Ahlem reveals to Victoria the origin of her name…

The multidisciplinary work of Alessandra Pescetta encompasses film, video-art, photography, music videos and advertising. The basis for her research is the human body, seen as a temple of spirituality, a concept that she takes from her experience with dance. Born near Verona in 1966, she graduated at Venice’s Art Academy. Since 1996 she has been working as a successful music video director and directed videos for some of the most important Italian artists, including Elisa, Ligabue, Subsonica, Planet Funk, Elio e le Storie Tese, Articolo 31, and many international artists, as well as advertising campaigns for clients like Lancia and Campari. In 2005, she won a Bronze Lion in Cannes for the film “Reverse”, dealing with the social theme of Anorexia.