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1893. L’inchiesta

ITALY 2014, 62′
Screenplay: Nella Condorelli
Cinematography: Vincenzo Condorelli (AIC)
Editing: Maria Cristina Sansone, Giuseppe Pietro Tornatore
Sound: Piero Antolini
Production: Factory Film


A cinematic journey in a forgotten page of our history, the Sicilian Fasci, inspired by a report made in 1893 by a Northern Italian journalist travelling on a mule along the roads of an unknown Sicily. He was amazed and fascinated especially by women: “the fasci of peasant women were no less fierce than those of men. In fact, women were the most passionate. I visited towns where very religious women stopped believing in anything aside from the fasci, and would die for them”.

Nella Condorelli began her career when she was very young, working for Italian and European newspapers in the foreign affairs field between Catania, Paris and Rome. From the beginning of the 1990s she devoted herself to documentary filmmaking, collaborating with Rai Tg3 and Rai News24, and focusing specifically on the Arab and Muslim world. In 2010 she founded the independent production company Factory Film, with the aim of making documentaries on social and political issues.